SDIC Power:An overlooked A-share hydro name

类别:公司研究 机构:德意志银行 研究员:Michael Tong,Hanyu Zhang 日期:2017-10-11

Better earnings stability than a thermal peer, more upside than hydro peers

    Positive tariff outlook, better capex discipline, improving free cash flow SDIC enjoys higher earnings visibility, as well as stability, than thermal power peers, due to its 57% capacity exposure to hydropower. Over 2016-1H17, almost all the earnings came from the hydro segments. Meanwhile, SDIC’s thermal business can also benefit from accelerating supply-side reform and year-end tariff hikes. We expect SDIC to turn FCF positive starting in 2018, thanks to earnings recovery and better capex discipline, indicating potential upside to our assumed 35% payout ratio and dividend yield of 3%. Relative to Yangtze Power, SDIC is an overlooked A-share hydro name, with an attractive valuation and similarly strong hydro capacity pipeline. Reiterating Buy.

    Positive tariff outlook, better capex discipline, improving free cash flow

    SDIC’s 1H17 results were slightly below expectation, with a 13/37% yoy decline in reported/recurring net profit, but still much better than thermal peers, which are near breakeven. Thermal tariff recovered by 7.5% yoy, due to a lower DPS discount. Hydro tariff dropped 6% yoy in 1H17 but the declining trend slowed in the second quarter. Management expects the discount to narrow going forward, with less competition from peers. Furthermore, its inter-provincial hydro power sales tariff should benefit from the thermal tariff hike in July and potentially another round at year-end. In response to supply-side reform, SDIC is delaying three coal-fired generation units (total 3GW) and plans no other thermal capacity additions over 2017-19E. We expect its free cash flow to reach c.Rmb8.0bn in 2018/19E, supporting a stable dividend outlook.

    Earnings revisions

    We revise down our 2017/18/19E net profit forecasts by 14%/4%/1% to reflect higher fuel cost, delay in thermal projects, higher thermal tariff due to a lower DPS discount and July tariff hike, and lower hydro tariff due to higher discount.

    Valuation and risks

    Our TP is based on DCF with WACC of 7.0% and zero TGR. SDIC is trading at 12x 2018E P/E and 1.5x P/B, well below Yangtze’s 17x P/E and 2.3x P/B. Risks: lower-than-expected thermal tariff hike, weaker water flow, higher coal prices.

股票代码 股票名称 最新价(元) 涨跌额(元) 涨跌幅(%) 成交额(万元) 成交量(手)
600886 @nn@ @n@ @c@ @cc@ @v@ @t@



上汽集团 买入 -- 研报
西山煤电 买入 8.76 研报
安科生物 买入 18.00 研报
荣盛发展 中性 -- 研报
招商蛇口 中性 -- 研报
万科A 中性 -- 研报
保利地产 中性 -- 研报
华夏幸福 中性 -- 研报
旗滨集团 持有 -- 研报
紫金矿业 买入 -- 研报
恒立液压 中性 -- 研报


上汽集团 1.83 1.86 研报
西山煤电 1.16 0.82 研报
安科生物 0.33 0.39 研报
华夏幸福 2.23 2.13 研报
招商蛇口 0 0 研报
保利地产 1.11 1.17 研报
万科A 0.84 1.03 研报
荣盛发展 0.75 1.04 研报
旗滨集团 0.30 0.38 研报
紫金矿业 0.35 0.28 研报
机器人 0.62 0.74 研报


中信证券 33 持有 持有
通威股份 32 买入 持有
贵州茅台 30 持有 中性
隆基股份 30 买入 持有
三一重工 29 持有 中性
伊利股份 29 持有 买入
华泰证券 29 持有 中性
万科A 29 买入 中性
五粮液 29 持有 持有
中信证券 28 持有 持有
格力电器 28 持有 持有
上汽集团 27 持有 买入
泸州老窖 27 持有 持有
美的集团 26 持有 持有
中顺洁柔 26 持有 买入
华能国际 24 持有 买入
中国国旅 24 持有 买入


电子信息 574 86 304
汽车制造 542 35 303
金融行业 478 28 211
建筑建材 454 52 211
电子器件 393 54 224
钢铁行业 393 28 170
化工行业 382 60 108
生物制药 342 51 172
机械行业 336 41 130
家电行业 303 12 120
房地产 294 30 207
酿酒行业 271 16 105
煤炭行业 267 24 101
电力行业 236 31 73
交通运输 207 26 107
服装鞋类 207 20 109
酒店旅游 197 21 65