QSLI-1Q17results:sluggish potash sales;lowering target price to RMB17.5

类别:公司研究 机构:德意志银行 研究员:Vitus Leung,Johnson Wan 日期:2017-05-11

Poor potash volume drags down QSLI’s 1Q17 numbers

    Potash losing market share; volume QSLI recorded a net loss of RMB265mn in 1Q17, compared with net profit of RMB81mn in 4Q16 and RMB144mn in 1Q16. The loss was driven by: 1) sluggish potash sales (volume fell by 270kton YoY), leading to lower market share due to a transportation cost hike, 2) a higher DD&A charge on the magnesium integration and Haina PVC projects due to construction-in-progress transferred to fixed assets; and 3) lack of a one-off gain - stripping out the one-off gain from the Shanghai Fuyou Property disposal, 1Q16 would have seen a net loss of RMB127mn. We expect QSLI to achieve economies of scale after its potash capacity ramp-up; hence, we maintain our Hold rating.

    Potash losing market share; volume falls by 270kt in 1Q17

    QSLI recorded a potash sales volume drop in 1Q17 despite expanding capacity in 2H16 to 5mntpa, indicating a market share loss after the transportation law passed in 3Q16 led to higher transportation costs. QSLI’s potash sales volume dropped by 29% (270kton) to 670kton, from c.940kton in 1Q16. On the other hand, Chinese potash consumption increased by 5.5% YoY in 1Q17.

    Improved chemical segment performance

    QSLI continued to reduce the cost of the chemicals segment. During the quarter: 1) chemical integration project phases one and two reported in-line additional cost-cutting of RMB1.11bn, -28% YoY compared with RMB1.54bn in 1Q16, 2) profitability improved for lithium carbonate due to an enhanced production capacity, and 3) the PVC project suffered a heavy loss due to the construction transfer to fixed assets, which could offset the gains.

    Earnings, valuation and risks; maintaining Hold

    We cut our FY17E/18E EPS to RMB0.24/0.46 by 46%/34% after lowering the utilization rate for potash production in FY17E/18E to 75%/80%; however, we maintain our Hold rating with a DCF-based target price of RMB17.5 (assuming 7.2% WACC and 2% terminal growth), which implies 1.19/1.16 FY17E/18E P/B. We believe most of the negative effects have been factored in, and the potash utilization should start to improve as demand picks up. Key downside risks: 1) sluggish chemical prices and soft demand could lead to lower product sales; and 2) unfavorable government policy. Key upside risks: 1) better-than-expected potash prices; and 2) faster-than-expected demand growth.

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方大特钢 买入 -- 研报
威孚高科 中性 -- 研报
先河环保 持有 -- 研报
宋城演艺 买入 -- 研报
首旅酒店 中性 -- 研报
腾龙股份 中性 -- 研报
旭升股份 中性 -- 研报
三棵树 持有 -- 研报
再升科技 持有 -- 研报
丰林集团 持有 -- 研报
金隅集团 持有 -- 研报


方大特钢 0.39 0.37 研报
威孚高科 2.42 1.49 研报
先河环保 0.41 0.33 研报
宋城演艺 0.72 0.52 研报
首旅酒店 0.58 0.52 研报
腾龙股份 0 0 研报
旭升股份 0 0 研报
丰林集团 0.52 0.31 研报
中国巨石 0.89 0.46 研报
长海股份 0.57 0.73 研报
三棵树 0 0 研报


中国国旅 40 持有 中性
上汽集团 39 持有 持有
三一重工 33 持有 买入
烽火通信 33 持有 持有
当升科技 33 持有 持有
宋城演艺 33 持有 买入
华鲁恒升 32 持有 持有
中炬高新 32 持有 持有
先导智能 32 持有 买入
贵州茅台 31 持有 持有
锦江股份 31 持有 中性
中国巨石 30 持有 持有
恒立液压 30 持有 买入
万科A 30 买入 持有
乐普医疗 30 买入 买入
通威股份 29 持有 买入
中国国旅 29 持有 中性


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